7 December 2022

Does my new website need new photography?

One of the most common and significant issues we have when designing websites is a lack of compelling and fit-for-purpose photography. It really can’t be emphasised enough just how vital decent imagery is. At the end of the day, it creates the main visual impact of the site – it’s what people see initially, before they read the (well-written) copy.

The internet is fast-moving and full of visual delights, your customers will always judge with their eyes in an instant and will only go on to fully digest your content (and absorb your sales messages) if you are able to make the whole experience easily compelling and pleasurable.

Images need to deliver maximum positive impact

You may have a selection of images in your library already, but if you’re redeveloping your website, bear in mind your existing shots may not be suitable for the task ahead. The optimal visual impact is created by photography that has been taken specifically for the purpose in question, by a professional who understands what’s needed from the brief, and knows how the website is being visualised by the designer.

In addition, the responsive nature of websites has to be considered – different parts of a photo may be visible depending on the device that’s being used to view it. Bearing this in mind, the best type of web specialist photographer will be able to plan a suitable shot list in advance, to make sure your site has maximum impact on all devices.

Get the best value from your budget with joined-up thinking

The biggest benefit of using a photographer that understands the specifics of website design is their ability to plan a shoot that maximises efficiency as well as ensuring that the resulting images will work seamlessly with the website. As a result, the web designer is not having to compromise the design of the site to fit in with pre-existing images (therefore reducing its impact and effectiveness as a sales tool) or spend extra time in doing so (which may delay the go-live date or even increase development costs).

People buy from people

It might be tempting to think that the effort and expense of a photo shoot can be avoided by using stock photography instead. But the problem with stock is it’s generic, and easily recognisable for what it is. With that in mind, can you expect a visitor to trust an invisible supplier, who isn’t presenting them with real representations of the business, and its products or services?

Having your own photoshoot, directed by professionals to achieve specific marketing objectives, is far more likely to establish a customer’s trust than a stock-bought photo. Prospective customers want to see the actual offering and the people involved in the business, rather than nondescript conceptual representations, so they can be reassured that the company is legitimate and genuinely offering them what they’re looking for.

Work with a true professional

Thanks to the availability of ever-more sophisticated tech with auto settings at more affordable prices, the marketplace has seen a lot of new entrants with perhaps more enthusiasm than experience. A truly professional photographer isn’t just a person who takes a great Instagram pic, or has a big lens on their fancy camera, but someone who can understand your objectives and support you in achieving them. Choose carefully. Make sure they are asking the right questions to help them understand your business, as well as the goals of the site – and it never hurts for them to have testimonials and case studies relating to their previous work.

Our in-house photographer is Dan, and he is of course all of this and more! Aside from his creative talent, he is brilliant with all our photography projects. This is because he:

  • Asks the right questions, so he really understands the brief and what marketing objectives need to be supported.
  • He’s au fait with the rigorous Aphra process for planning and carrying out photo shoots, so he always delivers what is needed.
  • He has 11 years’ experience in photography for web use, and keeps himself up to date with the latest tech, trends and set-ups for media.
  • He is adept at balancing product, lifestyle and reportage photography, to offer the mix of shots that most websites need.

If you’re a keen hobby photographer, then you may be tempted to choose to DIY your website’s photography, but while we know it’s appealing (creative pursuits are a lot of fun, after all!), we’d recommend leaving this important job to the professionals – after all, you’re already running a business. Calling in the seasoned experts not only means a more efficient process, but our proven skills in web photography means it’s more likely that your new site will deliver on expectations.

The key message is, don’t compromise on quality when it comes to your website photography. Choose a photographer who can deliver imagery that is tailor-made for your site’s design, portrays your business in the best possible light, and engages and reassures your prospective customers. It’s the only way to ensure that your new website does its job and brings in the enquiries you need to grow your business.


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