28 November 2022

Strategic brand development for an established data back-up service provider

Summary: Refreshing an IT services company brand & creating a content strategy to help them stand out from the crowd.

Client: Vitanium

Project title: Brand strategy and delivery

Timescale: April 2021 – March 2022


Vitanium, a data backup service provider, came to Aphra wanting to broaden their existing backup services and attract larger companies. 

Aphra quickly identified that Vitanium needed to stand out in what was an already crowded marketplace. The need to rebrand was clear and Aphra worked with Vitanium to develop and position a distinctive brand identity, focused on their USP of being a UK-based, approachable and expert team. Three key objectives were set: building brand awareness, increasing traffic to convert to leads and creating brand recognition and credibility. Aphra produced a content and social media strategy to raise brand awareness, position the team as experienced professional, and generate site traffic.


We worked on making Vitanium’s brand memorable, replacing corporate style graphics with friendlier, bespoke illustrations, developing a colour palette, logo, bespoke typography and image library that was distinct yet still thematically congruous with the tech industry, and working with the whole staff team to develop an on-brand, team mascot – the hamsternaut.  

We then collaborated with Vitanium to clarify their product offering and determine the UX when navigating their website. We identified four key services and branded them using custom icons and illustrations. The web design also focused on showcasing their excellent customer service and technical support, including statistics for phone response times. We also produced team headshots in a professional but approachable style and delivered copy which positioned Vitanium as experienced industry experts.

Using different marketing touchpoints, we continued to position Vitanium as “friendly experts” and created a robust content and social media strategy which included, thought leadership articles, technical blog posts, social media, email bulletins, and sector specific paid advertising to increase brand awareness.

  • 12k Social media impressions
  • 21k New website users
  • 28k Reach

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