5 ideas to get into the festive spirit with your marketing

We are approaching Christmas fast, so now is the time to be thinking about all the festive ideas you can apply to your marketing to get everyone else in the spirit. The creative ideas are endless, so here are five ideas for promoting your business over the festive period…

1. Festive-themed updates

There is lots to play around with on social media, that’s for sure. If you have a current theme with your social media platforms, you could add a Christmas twist to it to celebrate the festive season, from holly to candy canes.

If you didn’t see last year’s Naughty Elf causing havoc for Poundland, then we recommend you have a look by searching the hashtag #ElfBehavingBad. Despite the festive-themed updates, the main character, the Naughty Elf really caused a scene -injecting a bit of humour added to the fun! Poundland certainly grabbed the attention of their audience and made it memorable too.

2. Christmas e-mail campaign

When it comes to e-mail marketing, have you ever considered how many emails are sent daily throughout the office world? Research suggests an average of 121 emails per day – and almost 50% of them are spam. That’s a whole lot of noise to cut through – so why not make your e-mail campaign special by attracting your audience with some festive themed fun?

If you are a product-led business, a “Merry Christmas” gift guide with a personal touch works exceptionally well. Everyone has that one person in particular who is quite difficult to buy for. Why not promote your products as a gift guide for “Him” or “Her“? Stuck for inspiration? Below are some ideas to get you into the festive vibe…

3. Personalised Christmas cards

Now is the time to really be considering the design of your personalised Christmas cards. You might be thinking that it’s only November, there is still some time. However, avoid disappointment and start thinking about it now. Personalised Christmas cards are a great way of strengthening the relationships between you and your customers/clients and showing loyalty. It is also a creative way of marketing your business and it allows you to show off your strong branding.

4. A gift

This is a generous way of showing your loyalty and a thank you for a year of business together. It can be big or small – personalised chocolates or a hamper. If you decide to make something personalised, this is an excellent way of advertising your business while going the extra mile. Branded corporate gifts will make sure your business stays at the front of your customer/client’s mind.

Branded corporate gifts will make sure your business stays at the front of your customer/client’s mind.

5. Competitions

There is a lot of fun in competitions and it also increases the engagement for your business, which is another advantage of getting into the festive season with marketing. The competitions can be internal and external, from who is wearing the best Christmas jumper to giving away prizes for the 12 Days of Christmas.

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