Whether you’re in business or marketing, you’ll no doubt know just how important brand awareness and customer interaction is to your success. In 2019, customers are more switched on than ever across a range of devices and, in turn, they not only want but also expect personalisation. Therefore, businesses that take a dynamic approach to their marketing and strive to build a customised experience for their users will stand head and shoulders above the competition.

Below, we’ve listed the four key ways to integrate your online, social and mobile marketing in 2019.

1. Lay the foundations to integrate your campaigns

Online advertising, social media marketing and mobile targeting are all on the rise. Most businesses will have tried one or more of these techniques at some stage but will likely have done so in isolation. Successful marketers are now looking at ways to integrate all three, offering a consistent yet tailored campaign message that is delivered across diverse platforms and devices. Not only can you hit more specific areas of your target demographic for greater ROI, but you can use the data gained from one platform to inform the advertising on the others.

However, it all starts with making sure you are optimised for integration. Not only should your website be mobile-friendly at a minimum with fast load times, but your content needs to be optimised for conventional and voice SEO. You also need to join up your campaigns with cross-linking and share buttons.

2. Be consistent yet platform-specific

It’s possible to market the same campaign across each of your platforms; the challenge is doing so consistently in a way that respects and engages with the unique audience you may have on each platform or device. For instance, engagement techniques such as sharing campaigns and competitions, such as encouraging users to share themed selfies or giving them the chance to have their tutorials and reviews posted on product pages, can be replicated across social apps or blog campaigns.

However, the approach you take on Instagram might not match your blog audience. Looking at trends in your social insights and the demographics of your users will be your friend here. Marketing materials such as imagery, infographics and videos also need to be tweaked from one platform to another to render properly, meet your target audience and score a higher chance of interaction.

3. Switch to highly targeted campaigns

The next step in your omni-channel content marketing is creating highly targeted messages and ads if you want to stay competitive. The mistake that many marketing firms make is to spend their budget on mass visibility of fairly unengaging content. By comparison, if a similar budget is to be put into the creation of highly engaging content with a smaller, more highly targeted reach, a campaign can potentially receive more impressions and engagement from the same spend.

That’s where using your insights from past campaigns will help. From one campaign, you can create spin-offs that target specific ads at those most socially-engaged on key platforms, use geolocation to target highly active mobile users and create push messages across your platforms dependent on the best times for engagement.

4. Create integrated campaigns around micro-influencers (link to blog on micro influencers)

In 2019, influencer marketing is big business. Many companies have started to engage with social media celebrities and reality TV stars to benefit from their endorsements, hoping that those connections will drive further engagement and revenues. However, as the digital playing field grows, there is a significant amount of smaller influencers that are essentially untapped. These individuals can often have more dedicated audiences, making them just as effective as larger influencers, whilst simultaneously providing far cheaper opportunities for marketing that could span guest posts on your blog, social media takeovers and email and mobile communication.

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