There has been much emphasis on creating an Instagram feed that looks aesthetically pleasing with a consistent theme. However, it seems to be that Instagram stories are now following pursuit too. They give people the chance to run free and experiment more with the type of content they’re posting.

You may find minimalist squares showing an outfit or animated text hovering over a cute snap of a dog. However, these aren’t tools provided to us by Instagram. Instead they are apps that you can find in your app store to up your Instagram story game to a whole new level.

  1. Unfold

You can easily bring your stories to life with the use of this beautiful app. You can choose from 25 clean templates. Some templates can be purchased at a small price, and who doesn’t want to show off their recent holiday snaps in an old-school polaroid?


Unfold app


Unfold isn’t just for Instagram. You can create these beautiful stories to be shared on Snapchat and Facebook. They are eye-catching and engaging instantly. They have the ability to work for everyone. Whether you have a new product to show off or it’s someone’s birthday in the office – because the templates are so minimalistic, they visually work for all types of content.

2. Hype Type

So let’s say you’ve got a snap of cakes that are in the office (yum!) and you feel that the text Instagram offers on their stories just isn’t cutting it. Well, in that case, Hype Type will. Hype Type overlays animated text making any image go from 0 to 100 in a second. The best thing is that it’s so easy to use.

Hype Type Instagram stories

Hype Type does come at a price – but again, it is a fairly small price when you are able to create animated text over your images at the touch of your finger tips. Have fun and start creating Instagram stories that will have people approach you asking “how did you do that?”

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