Think social media influencers and you probably picture those big-name stars, catapulted into instant celebrity by their clever use of platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Very often they lend their names to big brands in order to promote, subtly or not so subtly, whatever goods and services they provide. That celebrity pulling power is well beyond the reach and budgets of most companies, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find your own influencers on a smaller scale.

Think small to make it big.

One trend we’ve seen over the past couple of years is the rise of the micro-influencers. Forbes has gone so far as to label micro-influencers the ‘marketing force of the future’ and here at We Are Aphra, we are well aware of the power these small-time social media stars can have. But what are micro-influencers, are they right for your business and what should you look for in a social media partner?

You might think that the number of followers someone has is the be-all and end-all when it comes to online promotion, but you’d be wrong. While mega stars can accumulate millions of followers, there’s simply no way they can engage them all on a meaningful level. Many of those followers will be tuned in simply because of the celebrity name, paying little heed to what is actually being said and promoted.

Micro-influencers, on the other hand, may have fewer followers but they have a deeper connection to them. Audiences tend to be more engaged when they follow micro-influencers, and more engagement means your message hits home. Micro-influencers can be found in every niche imaginable, which is why they’re so popular with people who share that sometimes marginal set of interests. Find your niche micro-influencer to endorse you and you’ll reach more people and generate more interest in your business.

What should you look for?

Each business is unique, so there’s no one size fits all, but here’s a handy checklist of the things you should do when looking for a micro-influencer:

  • See who your customers are already engaging with and following. There may be some overlap in the types of people they like, so if the same name keeps cropping up as an influencer, then they’re more likely to be interested in working with you.
  • Follow them yourselves. If you show your support for them then it’s more likely to be reciprocated.
    Influencers respond better to direct messages from a brand, so keep talking to them until you’re ready to broach the subject of a joint campaign.
  • Send product samples and ask for their feedback. A gentle nudge to share images or videos of them trialling the products on social media can work wonders for generating sales.

The reason micro-influencers are so successful is that they are real people, living real lives and using real products which are within the means of most ordinary people. They may not have their names in lights, but get the right influencers onside and you really could hit the big time.

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