When you Google ‘marketing agency Essex’ or ‘marketing agency Colchester’ in a bid to find a local design agency, a team to manage your social media accounts or an SEO agency to help you boost your hits, chances are you will be inundated with potential candidates. It’s a busy marketplace. However, what makes an agency special really is the talented team behind the computers!

At We Are Aphra, we feel very lucky to have such a wonderful in-house team of creatives, strategists and designers. Together, we provide our clients with a wide range of professional marketing services, from copywriting to photography, graphic design to illustration, search engine optimisation to pay-per-click advertising, among other offerings. So who are we?

Grace: The founder of Aphra, Grace has always prided herself on her meticulous eye for detail, her project management skills and her extremely high copywriting ability. She likes to think of herself as a fun boss who looks to find the best in everyone, whether it’s her team or a client she is working with.

Matt: As our Commercial Director, Matt is often considering what makes most sense for the business as we grow and evolve ourselves. He also works with the team to consider how we can best support our clients and become a leading marketing agency in Essex.

Tommy: A graphic design whizz, Tommy has quickly made an impact at We Are Aphra with his fantastic creativity, love of word puns and sharp eye for new opportunities. His particular passion is working closely with our clients to get to the heart of a brand and identify how it can be moulded and shaped into an enhanced identity.

Chelsea: Whether she is out photographing an event for a client, editing videos for YouTube, researching new marketing techniques, uploading social media posts and measuring their analytics, or putting together reports for clients, Chelsea is always managing a packed daily schedule with We Are Aphra.

Louise: A skilled illustrator, Louise particularly loves product development, especially for tourist attractions and heritage sites where her existing products are already being purchased and sold in their thousands. Louise is adept at changing her illustrative style to the needs of any business for an extra ounce of creative flair.

Need a marketing agency in Colchester to help your business grow and evolve? Drop us an e-mail today: [email protected]