We are coming to the end of 2018, which seems hard to believe. However, as 2019 approaches us, this can only mean one thing for top marketing agencies. We are going to be greeted with growing trends that will be another game changer for the world of social media. To keep you ahead of the game, here are the top four social media trends that you need to know about at the start of 2019.


1. Be prepared to be seeing more of “Live
Unless you’ve been leading a very sheltered 2018, you will know that live videos have been very popular across the various social media platforms. We can expect to see the popularity of these grow in 2019. Live video is a great way to interact with your audience, strengthening the relationship between the brand and followers. Followers are able to ask questions throughout the live video, which you can respond to openly. One-to-one communications are becoming vital and businesses can’t afford to ignore this.

2. Increase of Social TV
Another visual platform you will see used more in 2019 is Instagram’s IGTV; this feature is somewhat more appealing than Instagram live and Instagram stories as you aren’t limited to a short period of time for recording content. The IGTV allows you to record up to an hour long videos, creating your own mini television series for people to watch and follow. Just make sure your content is high-quality, or people will soon switch off.

There are 400 million users watching Stories on a daily basis.

AdEspresso, 2018

3. Augmented reality
Similar to virtual reality, we can see that this will shape our future for social media. What is it, you may ask? Augmented reality is essentially an interactive experience of a real-world environment, where you can then see computer-generated objects ‘augmented’ into this visual to create the impression that there’s more happening in the real world than there actually is. This can help people superimpose furniture into spaces in their home, wallpaper samples onto their walls, cars on their driveway, plants into their garden – improving their ability to make educated decisions.

4. Chatbots are completely normal
They may seem pushy but, in reality, they are very useful. They can offer the 24-hour support that saves a business time and money. If you are after that quick response, you’ll more than likely find that a chatbot is able to provide you with the answer quickly. Not to mention that they can be fun and interactive. Take Domino’s, for example. They engage their customers in a unique way by allowing them to order a pizza by sharing a pizza emoji on Twitter. How? The Domino’s tech-bots get to work and ask the customer additional questions about their pizza order, to then ensure they get what they’re looking for quicker than you can type an 180-character tweet!

Social media marketing is always changing and being ahead of the crowd can truly make all the difference. Be sure to be looking out for these fast-growing social media trends as 2019 draws closer to us.

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