Thanks to Google, it can take less than five minutes to hunt out an easy online guide to marketing. It may seemingly tick all your boxes, but the reality is that it can often fall short of achieving your goals in the long-run.

  1. While there are many established marketing techniques, not all of them will apply to your business. Many people fall into the trap of trying to utilise every strategy available, even if they aren’t right for their audience. This can mean they do a lot of things not very well, rather than a few things brilliantly.
  2. A bespoke marketing strategy will consider your target audience, where they can be found, what they care about and the best way to communicate with them. It will be tailored to their needs and wants in a way that will generate you better, more profitable results.
  3. An excellent marketing strategy will not only offer creative solutions, but will also consider your business commercially to ensure everything you are doing has an emphasis on delivering results. Gearing your marketing proposal around your main KPIs means you are striving towards hitting specific, measurable goals that will hold a number of identified benefits.
  4. By tailoring a marketing strategy to your business, you will be able to tie it in with your time-lines, considering what key moments are coming up for your business, what opportunities you could maximise, and what you actually have time to manage as a business in terms of manpower and work-load.
  5. A bespoke marketing strategy provides you with plenty of opportunities to think outside the box, particularly if you are using an experienced marketing agency to help deliver your plan. You will be able to utilise the knowledge and creativity of your assigned marketing agency to champion new and original ideas that will position your business as a market leader.

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