Botanique & Rye – social media

We were thrilled to work with Botanique & Rye, a luxury brand for homeware and tableware accessories. From baobab hand-illustrated organic cotton tea towels and aprons, to chia seed printed crystal glasses, we instantly loved their products. It’s so important to us that we work with brands we are passionate about, because this makes our jobs infinitely easier. It means we speak genuinely and authentically.

Some of the services we provided Botanique & Rye included:

  • Photography
  • Video
  • Social media management
  • Blog post development
  • Managed competition to boost social media engagement
  • Marketing strategy development
  • Product brochure design for suppliers

Initially, Botanique & Rye were keen to reach out to potential suppliers to stock their products. They had sourced a fantastic listing with Planet Organic and wanted to expand on this. However, we felt it was important that we addressed some key branding and marketing fundamentals first to ensure they would stand out against the competition.

This involved capturing lots of beautiful photographs of their products to use on social media. We completely revamped their Instagram feed and set up a Facebook account. We also added lots of the images as linked products on Pinterest to build up awareness and back-links to their website.

We added some blogs onto their website to help build up content on their website for SEO purposes, and also filmed a short video to help them present their products to Not On The High Street. This was used on social media and as part of events they have participated in.

In order to increase their audience on social media authentically (we don’t endorse the robotic spam bots!), we ran a carefully considered competition around Father’s Day to win a set of Botanique & Rye chia glasses. The result of this was a surge in followers, a great deal of post engagement, and a notable rise in traffic visiting the website. We saw lots of people tagging friends and family in the posts, raising awareness of the brand and leading to lots of comments about how beautiful their products are.

Once we felt the brand was in a position to start reaching out to suppliers effectively, we put together a beautiful brochure showcasing all their products and their story, which they could easily share in an e-mail pitch or print off to take to meetings.

Finally, we developed a comprehensive marketing strategy for Botanique & Rye, which they can take forward as they grow in size and increase their supplier list.

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