JDF Recruitment

JDF Recruitment came to us as a start-up business looking for support getting themselves off the ground. They had a clear idea of what they wanted to achieve, and we set about helping them make this happen.

They’d already created a logo with the help of a family friend. We assisted JDF Recruitment in setting up a business website, using Wix as a free template to start with. It allowed us to ensure they had an online hub, as well as a space to post new jobs and link to when clients were searching.


Working with Grace on our website was fantastic. She listened to our brief and helped produce exactly what we wanted. She was understanding, knowledgeable about what worked, and very helpful. Grace worked very hard to get the website up and running in the short time-scale we had given her. We'd definitely work with Grace again.

Jemma Jones, Founder

Setting up a recruitment business

We wanted to create a clear colour scheme throughout, taking the blues and oranges from their logo to add cohesiveness and a consistent style. It was important that they didn’t feel as though they were speaking to just one gender, so with all our choices or imagery and styling we ensure it felt neutral and professional.

Adding personality to any business is vital, but especially if you are a small company in which your reputation and people’s experiences with you will drive new business. Seeing lots of fancy phrases that make you sound like a big corporation doesn’t necessarily mean people will trust you instantly and want to work with you.

Honesty really is the best policy, and relaying Jemma’s story into setting up her own recruitment company meant visitors could buy into her passions, motivations and drive – as well as understand how her company was set up. Lots of people like working with smaller businesses as they feel like they get a more personal touch.

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