Jessica Lane Powerlifting – PR

We’d be lying if we said we didn’t know Jess long before we started working with her. She’s Grace’s sister-in-law. However, being family doesn’t make any difference with the work we produce. It’s always conducted to the same high standard, no matter what.  It’s always nice to be asked to help people we know though – even if we do try to keep business and pleasure separate where possible.

Over the past few years, Jess has started powerlifting. What started as a hobby has become a competitive sport for her, and she has been participating in a number of regional and national competitions. Recently Jess achieved three British records and was invited to France to compete as a representative for Great Britain.

As part of this, Jess will need to find a sponsor to support her travel and competition. She needed a proposal to reach out to prospective sponsors with, explaining who she was, what her back-story was, what she would be doing in the competition, how she was training, what she needed from them, and what she could offer in return.


I had no idea how good the proposal would be. Thank you so much Grace. I actually feel quite emotional looking at this. It's amazing - far beyond my expectations. I really can't wait to share this with everyone.

Jessica Lane

We put together a sleek brochure that Jess could easily send out. The photos of Jess throughout help to add character to her story, while the colours subliminally draw the mind to both the British and French flags. It also doesn’t feel particularly gendered, which is important in such a unisex sport. The proposal is clear, easy to read, and carefully structured, ensuring each aspect can be quickly understood.

When choosing the font to use, we wanted it to represent the strength and boldness of powerlifting. It needed to feel as though it could carry the weight of what Jess is asking, but also the sport she is competing in. We chose blue as the headline colour as this also feels bold and powerful, and creates a feeling of trust and respect.

A simple, clean layout and eye-catching icons brought the brochure together, creating a professional feel to Jess’ proposal. By adding the weights icon to the first and final pages, it helped to distinguish the sport Jess was participating in through both text and images.

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