Kidz Global

Kidz Global is a leading market research agency for toddlers, children and teenagers. Based in Lyon, France, Kidz Global produces comprehensive reports for globally-recognised companies such as Warner Bros., Nickelodeon, Disney, Turner, Hasbro, Mattel, Ferrero and Penguin Books. They interview over 43,000 children and their parents in 42 countries worldwide to learn more about their spending habits, interests, hobbies, Christmas lists, entertainment time, and what future trends may be on the horizon.

We initially started working with Kidz Global on their copywriting needs, producing e-mails, letters, brochures and press releases for them. After meeting with their CEO, we learnt that there were a lot of exciting and innovative opportunities on the horizon for them (including a partnership with Netflix) that would benefit from a new website and a revised business strategy to fully capitalise on the potential these held.

We devised a detailed website plan of how we saw their business evolving, bringing some of their sister names under the one hub. We also created a communications strategy for Kidz Global, taking into account their key messages, social media, e-mail mailouts, and how these all needed to collaborate together cohesively. We also devised a comprehensive business strategy for Kidz Global, detailing ways of increasing their outreach and developing their sales funnel, increasing lead generation and conversion. We devised a strategy to help them win the loyalty of their audience to create repeat custom, as well as gain new referrals too.

Our reports came in at a whopping 34 pages and took a month to compile, but the results speak for themselves. It is a blueprint for Kidz Global to use when running their successful market research agency. We set a series of measurable goals for the next six months, with a clear set of key performance indicators outlined so we could see for ourselves just how effective our plans proved to be. We have thoroughly enjoyed working with Kidz Global and look forward to seeing what the future holds for this innovative business.

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