Laura Bond - The Balanced Baby

Laura is the brains behind The Balanced Baby – a fun and ‘real’ blog documenting her experiences with her first son Ajax, and offering tips and advice from her background as a nutritional health coach. She first got in touch with us through Green Contact Book (a B2B social network we run for the health and wellbeing community). We’ve had a great time working with Laura so far.

Having been a published author and journalist already, Laura had a very clear idea of what she needed to do to start building her profile and grow her online community. However, with a new baby around her every day, time was somewhat limited. We began supporting Laura with her social media to help grow her numbers. We also offered her some strategic advice on ways of developing her content.

We also supported Laura with improving the search engine optimisation of her existing blog. It became apparent through doing this that a number of key elements were missing and that the code had been created in a confusing way that would affect how search engines read the site and affect our ability to add analytics software to track the site’s performance. After discussing this with Laura, we decided a bespoke website was the best path forward – and this is now currently in development with our trusted website design and development team.

Seeing this land in our inbox is one of the few times we’ve opened an e-mail and had to say “WOW” out loud…

The results are stunning – as is the new logo they’ve designed for Laura. Seeing this land in our inbox is one of the few times we’ve opened an e-mail and had to say “WOW” out loud, before replying with a GIF of Hugh Grant dancing through Downing Street in Love Actually. We can’t wait for Laura to officially launch her new blog and see how all her hard work will pay off. It’s going to be a very worthwhile investment.

We have also been working with Laura on her new videos, which she will be posting on her website and YouTube channel. Thanks to our Adobe Premiere video editing skills, we’ve been able to turn Laura’s videos into snappy, interesting snippets that will certainly help her audience become healthier and more efficient in their homes and lives.

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