Nomad Snacks

Nomad Snacks are a new Biltong trail mix snack brand for those on a paleo diet, boasting qualities such as being vegan, UK grass-fed, gluten-free, high-protein and containing no refined sugar.

We loved the designs of the Nomad packaging – we could completely see their brand sitting on the shelves of many popular retailers, and also liked the concept of the snack. They wanted to bring something beyond just crisps and pork scratchings to the hands of snack-lovers, whether adventuring in the mountains, cycling along winding roads, or relaxing in the pub with friends after a long day.

When we first worked with Nomad Snacks, they were in the early days of their launch and were looking for a press release to share with key members of the press and blogging community to let everyone know they had arrived on the scene. We created this for them, which they were really pleased with.

Very happy with Grace's work. She grasped the concept of the product very quickly and produced a great press release to match it. Recommended.

Ian Butt, co-founder

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