Orchid Telecom – social media & SEO

Orchid Telecom needed support with their SEO and to create brand awareness on their social media platforms. Orchid Telecom launched in 2003 and have been a leading manufacturer and provider of business telecommunications throughout the UK and Europe. They build and provide telecommunications that are specifically tailored to your business needs. 

We started supporting Orchid Telecom with their website and their search engine optimisation. Orchid Telecom already had an existing blog, but it did lack blog posts to which we built up quickly. The blog posts consisted of current offers Orchid Telecom was offering at the time and various blog posts on their services and products. This enabled their audience to have a better understanding of what they might need to suit the needs of their business.

To ensure that the blog posts were search engine optimised, we thoroughly looked into the keywords that we needed to be using throughout. As Orchid Telecom are a telecommunications company, we needed to make sure we were using the correct keywords that people would be naturally searching for on search engines to be found on search results.

When we started working with Orchid Telecom, it also came to our attention that they lacked brand awareness on their social media channels. Orchid Telecom had a Facebook and Twitter profile that wasn’t being used to its full potential. We created bespoke posts each month that were on brand to advertise their offers and products they had available on their website. We noticed the website traffic was increasing and when we looked into the website analytics, traffic was coming from Facebook which was great to see as results were showing!

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