PETRIe Inventory – editing

We were thrilled when Editor-in-Chief of PETRIe Inventory and renowned celebrity stylist, Zadrian Smith, asked us to come on board again with their latest issue as an editorial consultant and copywriter. PETRIe is an annual publication that remains close to our heart, having been involved with it for the past five years.

First launched in 2012, PETRIe quickly grew into an international media enterprise, providing a global platform for creative expression. Every issue is rooted deeply in research and collaboration. PETRIe provides its community with unique and intriguing viewpoints, that don’t necessarily adopt the status quo. It scratches beneath the surface on every story, enabling thought-provoking journalism. Sitting alongside this is powerful and emotional imagery featuring household designer names and start-up designers alike, curated specifically with substance, meaning, and longevity in focus.

Grace is by far one of the most exceptional and well-read editors I have worked with in my career. Her discerning eye, honesty as both a writer and editor, and her reliability are the reasons why I always ensure she is on my team. An excellent leader and follower.

Zadrian Smith, international stylist and founder of PETRIe

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