The Intelligent Health – website & social media

The Intelligent Health have recently joined our family of clients. They approached us with a vision that they wanted to come to life. The Intelligent Health focus on creating various products that benefit you and your body. From collagen powder to bamboo toothbrushes, their products have 20 years of research behind them, as the founders are from a background of medicine and pharmaceuticals. 

We discussed with them what they needed to achieve their vision, and we established that they needed a website as well as social media platforms to begin the growth of their brand. The Intelligent Health’s products are available to buy from their website as well as Amazon. With this in mind, we also plan to add shoppable links on Instagram.

The services we provided to The Intelligent Health are as follows:

  • Product photography
  • Social media management
  • Blog post development
  • Creation of infographics
  • Website design

Initially we made a start with the photography, capturing the products in a lifestyle setting. Partnering the products with their uses makes it clear to the audience what the products can be used in conjunction with. For example, the collagen powder is tasteless and odourless which works great with mixing with shakes and smoothies.

Seeing as the products are going to be listed on Amazon, they need to have a very clean, formal shots taken. So for this we ensured that the products were taken with our special equipment such as lights etc. Each product has a clean white background that features each side of the product. The quality of these images had to be pristine to ensure the potential customers can easily read the packaging online, from what the product is as well as any nutritional information.

We now have a variety of images for Amazon, the website and the social media platforms. We had to then carefully consider the appropriate audience on social media. By achieving this, we researched relevant hashtags and engaged with an audience that would be interested in The Intelligent Health’s products.

As for the website, we created a clean and easy-to-navigate template which also included a shop to give the customers the option to purchase on the website directly. Even though the shop has only been launched for a few months, the website analytics are showing consistent growth, month on month. We can see this on their social media platforms also. Each month is different for The Intelligent Health, from new product launches to videography to creating bespoke social media posts.

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