The Sugar Doctor – photoshoot

Andy is a qualified nutritional therapist based in London. As you may or may not already know, we have been working with Andy (The Sugar Doctor) for a few years now and each month that we continuously work together is different.

Andy has a solid foundation for her branding, her website is packed full of nutritious recipes and blogs that are full of expert knowledge when it comes down to nutrition. Whilst we continue to work on the website’s SEO, Andy was keen to reach out to her audience and engage more through the likes of her social media platforms.

We were more than happy to support Andy with regards to engaging with her audience. When it comes down to social media, the key ingredient is content. We had a look through Andy’s recipes and we decided to re-create them for photography purposes. The photography involved taking images of the ingredients as well as the finished recipe. It was important to make sure these images were visually pleasing. We achieved this by laying out the ingredients and food in a flat lay style and dressing them up with props which you can see below.

sugar doctor recipes


I love what you’re doing on my social media! – Andy Daly, The Sugar Doctor

Once we had all the images and the editing was completed we then began our research. We researched what hashtags would be relevant as well as useful, to ensure Andy’s new content was being seen by many on social media. We also considered writing informative captions, as an emoji just doesn’t cut it. People like to engage with the caption as well as the image, so we have made sure to include the recipes and nutritional information within the captions.

Andy’s engagement has increased significantly well on her social media platforms. Specifically Facebook and Instagram which is rewarding to see. We make sure to reply or like all comments which Andy receives which also supports the growth of engagement. We look forward to seeing Andy’s social media grow throughout each month.

Recently Andy contacted us with regards to refreshing her images she had on her website and throughout her social media. We arranged a photoshoot for the following week. Prior to the photoshoot we decided to create a mood board for inspiration and to also share with Andy to get her thoughts on what she was after.

The day involved a full day of photography which included many photographs of Andy and her delicious food. We also took some shots of Andy’s daughter, Charlotte for her exciting new venture (more will be revealed at a later date). We will be releasing the images from the shoot on Andy’s social media platforms and putting them to good use on her website so make sure to visit her site to have a look.

Finally, we are also adding new recipes to Andy’s website along with fresh new imagery to accommodate the nutritious recipes. These will be shared on the social media platforms so if you are looking for some recipe inspiration, you’ll find some there.


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