The Sugar Doctor

Andy Daly is a qualified Nutritional Therapist based in London, who works with her clients to help reduce their sugar intake and to also regain control over their health. She sees a range of prevalent issues, from chronic stress to diabetes, ADHD to autism. 

When Andy came to us, she was looking for support with developing her online presence and building her social media following. She was creating lots of delicious recipes and needed the images editing and the content uploading to her new site. She also wanted to create some bespoke leaflets to hand out when giving presentations and was keen to develop some videos for her YouTube channel.

She also wanted to reach out to her audience through a monthly newsletter, which we have helped build and manage for Andy. Our work with Andy is ever-evolving, and no month is the same. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with her and seeing the many success stories she has experienced with her clients.

Her holistic way of treating people and their symptoms is exactly the same as how we approach businesses, so there has been a natural alignment between us both. We’re looking forward to seeing how the future develops for Andy – especially with her plans for healthy cooking classes on the horizon.

When I met Grace, I had begun thinking about my brand and needed help designing my website and getting my Sugar Safe message across. After one conversation, Grace knew exactly what I wanted. She read my mind immediately and we clicked straight away. She could do in five minutes what others took hours to do, seemingly effortlessly and always to the point of perfection. Deadlines were met without fuss or panic, and was launched within the time frame originally contemplated and exactly as I had envisaged it. Grace puts her heart and soul into everything she does. She is 100% reliable and works diligently with a rare sense of enthusiasm and creativity. I have loved working with her and look forward to carrying on doing so.

Andy Daly

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