This is Fever

Fever is a creative agency based in Colchester, Essex who offer a number of services ranging from website development to brochure design, logo and branding to mobile app creation – plus much more. We have worked with them for a number of years and are thrilled to partner with them on a range of projects, bringing together our skill-sets for a 360-degree service.

There’s a lot that Fever can help us with (they built this website and designed our branding, for starters!) and likewise, there’s a lot we can help them with. As such, Fever moved all their¬†copywriting work over to us, starting with their own marketing material, website and new client pitches. It says a lot when a company trusts you with so much of their own work and is no doubt the reason why they have since referred our services to many of their clients.

Grace is a professional perfectionist who brings a great deal of experience and insight to projects within a range of sectors. She is meticulously organised and driven, ensuring projects are on brief and delivered to a high standard.

This is Fever

We went through Fever’s marketing collateral and website with a fine-toothed comb, looking for stray punctuation marks or questionable typos! Like us, Fever only ever wants to hit the highest standards, so it is important to us that we help them do this with their words, as well as their designs. We wanted to help build a strong tone of voice throughout all their copy that was also clear-cut¬†(despite the technical nature of their work) and easy to read.

We’ve also been providing a lot of strategic marketing support to Fever, offering new ideas for how they can work with clients, develop their services, and increase their workload. They’re currently looking to hire three new members of staff this year, so things are already going from strength-to-strength for them. We’re looking forward to continuing our working relationship with This is Fever, and hope you get to meet them soon too!

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