Up Your Matcha

When we first met Up Your Matcha, our instant feeling was that their branding didn’t match their vision. Their packaging was originally monochrome, with a white label attached to a silver pack and no colour used anywhere. The wording spoke a lot about superheroes and the power matcha gives you, but we didn’t feel it was flying off the packaging!

As such, after conducting a thorough review of the brand and how it sat alongside its competitors, we supported Up Your Matcha through a complete re-brand process. There were many levels to┬áthis and they all added to each other to have an impact overall. It’s this cohesiveness throughout all areas of a brand which truly make a difference and ensure it is memorable to busy customers.

It has been a great pleasure working with Grace. As a start-up company, learning how we can grow and become even more successful, without Grace by our side it would have been so much more difficult. Grace is flexible, versatile and hands-on. She arranged and took control of our rebranding, creation of the new website, organisation of numerous trade shows and all PR work in general. Her professionalism is second-to-none, and we have been very blessed to have Grace working with us every step of the way!

Jaspreet Rai, Founder

A world of possibilities...

We started the branding process with their logo, which was tweaked slightly to improve how it looked against the new brand. We also designed two bespoke superhero mascots for their brand, which help to add personality and make them memorable and unique.

They had a new pattern created especially for their business, which is used throughout their brand on their website, stationery, marketing collateral and social media. We also created a stylish and eye-catching packaging design for their products to ensure they were memorable and leapt off the shelves to customers, and made changes to their social media icons too – bringing them into alignment with the new brand.

With all this new change, we found that their website needed a refresh, so we worked within their existing Wix template to bring it into alignment with their new branding. Discussions are underway to bring this over to WordPress as a bespoke template as part of their expansion plans.


In addition to all of this, we created event designs for the many different events they were exhibiting at, and Up Your Matcha had the genius idea to create branded jumpers to wear on the day – which everyone commented on and remembered them for. Some people were even asking if they could buy them to take home! B2B and B2C flyers were designed, depending on where they were exhibiting, so they could easily share their brand with visitors.

We’ve created a clear business strategy for Up Your Matcha, and we’re really excited to see how they grow and develop. We have identified the key markets in which they should be selling and have shared our vision with them for how we see their brand developing and growing successfully. As with any business, it all comes down to the team behind it – and with Jas as the founder, we’re confident she’ll take Up Your Matcha to new heights.

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