As Rudyard Kipling once said, “Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.” From web copy to blogs, brochures to e-mails, presentations to adverts, social media to video scripts, compelling copy can change a business.

We have written hundreds (quite literally!) of articles for businesses of all shapes and sizes. From funeral companies to law agencies, property developers to teaching recruiters, beauty businesses to e-commerce sites, security firms to health websites, market research agencies to building companies, we have covered every conceivable topic you can think of in our writing.

Our copy is delivered on time, to budget, with the desired word count and keywords required. We ensure all articles produced are optimised for Google, utilising core SEO techniques when writing to produce high-quality copy that not only reads brilliantly, but also helps support your business lead generation strategies too.


of consumers are likely to be on the lookout for products when looking at content marketing.

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We write persuasively, informatively and coherently. Forget fluffy lines and complicated metaphors. We aim to ensure all our copy is clear and easy to understand. Structure is important, as is objective. We always try to find out what you’re looking to achieve with all your copy, who you are targeting, and what style of writing best suits your business. We’ll work with you to identify your house style, putting in place any key copywriting rules for others to follow.

Whether you’re looking for a professional ghost writer or a marketing copywriter for your business, we’re here to help. Although many people think they can write and therefore can produce copy, there’s a difference between simply putting words on paper, versus turning these into something compelling and successful. We are to words what an artist is to paint. We craft it into beautiful, memorable pieces of work that can be used to market and promote your business.

Why do blogs matter in business?

Blogs are a hugely important part of a successful marketing strategy. Although they can take time to produce (something many businesses are in short supply of!), they offer an effective return-on-investment.

Often businesses work with copywriters to ensure their blog is in constant action, the quality is high, and so each piece of text produced is SEO-optimised with clear call-to-actions throughout.

You may be wondering “how does a blog help my business?”. The answers are simple. Here are 10 reasons why your business needs a blog.

What makes good copy?

Given that the vast majority of people are able to write, there’s often an assumption that anyone can be a copywriter. It takes a lot of skill, training and practice in order to write compelling, persuasive and high-quality copy. Here are some of the key bench-marks for what makes good copywriting:

  1. The tone of voice is in-line with the business and reflects the overarching personality.
  2. There are no silly errors such as typos or bad grammar.
  3. It has a clear structure with a compelling introduction.
  4. The length is enough for the subject matter, giving valuable details without waffling.
  5. If necessary, it has been optimised for search engines appropriately.
  6. It includes key call-to-actions or business details if necessary.
  7. The copy is able to fulfil the objectives – e.g. be persuasive, humorous, informative…
  8. It’s able to keep an audience interested for the entire length, with consideration for readability.
  9. The knowledge of the audience has been considered to ensure any complex terms or acronyms are explained if needed.
  10. It is unique copy and doesn’t contain any plagiarism.

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