Does your marketing copy need proofreading? We’d always say yes, no matter how accomplished a writer you might be. Perfection is important. This is because trust is critical when converting prospects into customers – and one sure-fire way to undermine that trust is to have marketing copy which is noticeably not quite up to scratch. If the writing is sloppy, then the implication is that maybe other aspects of the organisation’s professionalism are lacking, too.

Business strategy consultancy in Colchester, Essex

Is your business fulfilling its full potential?

During their careers, our consultants have found that when asked to plan a marketing strategy, they’ve frequently had to go back and reverse-engineer other elements of a business in order to be able to achieve the best possible commercial results.

Perhaps the sales team’s approach needed to be aligned more closely with the expectations of the customer base, or maybe the marketing strategy work had identified new core values, or possibly intelligence gleaned from marketing communications recognised a demand for additional products or services. There are many reasons for developing a business strategy.

A business strategy will always work best when closely aligned with clear objectives – maybe a director or owner wants to plan an exit, or perhaps changing market conditions (or even future legislation) will mean that the organisation will have to adapt to survive.

Not all businesses have a full plan in place, or an existing plan might need updating, and by working with us you can ensure that you have both your business strategy and marketing strategy properly planned and fully integrated.

We offer business strategy services to organisations that want to get it right first time with coherent, logical planning designed to align key success drivers. Our advice is easy to implement, measurable and results-driven.

Better business strategy = better results

Boost growth and profit with a strategic, integrated approach

Our wide-ranging communications experience also means our agency is ideally placed to support you in disseminating your business purpose, mission, vision and values throughout your organisation, as well as integrating it into your marketing activity.

We can help you walk the walk, not just talk the talk, for a more effective and sustainable approach to business growth.

  • Purpose, mission, vision and values
  • Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT)
  • Business objectives
  • KPIs
  • Action plans
  • Internal communications

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