Let’s cut to the chase, words matter. A lot. When it comes to engaging with your customers (and impressing prospects), your marketing copy is instrumental in how they feel about your brand, how they understand your offering, and how they make their buying decision.

Good copywriting can educate, encourage, entertain and reassure your audience – nudging them into engaging with your brand, and keeping your business front of mind when they are ready to make a buying decision. Ultimately, this influence can make the difference between them choosing to buy from you or from a competitor. Pretty important, we’re sure you’ll agree.

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It’s not like copy is a small part of the marketing mix either. In any multi- or omni-channel marketing strategy, a huge proportion of touch points along the customer journey involve something your marketing copywriter or agency has written.

Research (Multichannel Marketing Report) shows that the majority of the most frequently used marketing channels involve the written word – email (found in 91% of strategies), social media (in 81%), display advertising / remarketing (in 60%), direct mail (in 53%), search marketing and PPC (in 51%), and content syndication (in 35%). Until (and unless) the customer picks up the telephone, or walks into a bricks-and-mortar site, then your marketing copy will be doing all the hard work on your behalf. It’s really quite a big deal. Put simply, good writing is the lynchpin of effective marketing.

But what is good writing?

In a nutshell, it must speak to your target audience on their level, it must have clarity and be informative, and it must convey your messaging in a way that is well-structured, engaging and persuasive. It should go without saying, but marketing copy also needs to be free from errors, jargon, and gratuitous wordage, and include all the necessary business details and calls to action.

With all this to weave in, it’s no wonder that the best copywriters have had years of training and experience. It’s easy to underestimate the skill involved (everybody can string a sentence together, after all), because it’s actually a surprisingly complex and difficult job to do well. As copy is instrumental in the success of your marketing strategy, we’d always recommend having your content created by the very best copywriters out there. You’ll never regret investing in quality.

Marketing copywriting that hits the spot every time

Persuasive, engaging and word-perfect copy for B2B and consumer audiences

Whether you’re focusing on improving the performance of your website (including blog or news content), marketing literature, advertisements, tender documents or marketing emails, it pays to harness the persuasive power of cleverly crafted copy.

We can help you get it right, first time. From snappy ad straps that pique the interest of Gen Z, to long-read articles designed to engage C-suite decision-makers, our expert copywriters can do it all.

  • Press releases and PR pitches
  • By-lined articles for the consumer and trade press
  • News stories and blogs for publishing online
  • Web content – long and short-form
  • Tenders, pitch documents and sales letters
  • Leaflets, brochures and fliers
  • Direct mail (print and digital)
  • Magazines and books
  • Speech or video scripts
  • Print and digital advertising
  • Social media content

Looking for a copywriter to hire in Colchester or Essex? Or perhaps you don’t mind where our HQ is, provided we can still offer you the very best strategic marketing services? (We can, by the way, wherever you’re located!). Drop us a line today to start a conversation about how we can help you build your business: [email protected].

Client: Petrie

Project: We have worked with PETRIe on each of their print publications, as well as with their digital team, to write content and proof-read each print issue before publication.

Client: PTSD UK

Project: Our work with PTSD UK involved monthly blogs based around mental health and the various ways in which Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder can affect your life, as well as how it can be helped.

Client: Calgary Avansino

Project: We worked with Calgary Avansino on a wide variety of copy, from researching and drafting articles and blogs to proof-reading interviews and writing website copy.

Client: The Intelligent Health

Project: As part of our ongoing work with The Intelligent Health, we have written extensively for his social media and website.

Client: Sugar Doctor

Project: We worked closely with Andy Daly to write ongoing social media copy for each of her platforms, as well as carefully proof-read each of her blogs and recipes for her website.

Client: Premier Drainage Solutions

Project: As part of our search engine optimisation work with Premier Drainage, we have produced meticulously researched, industry specific, optimised blogs for their website.

Client: Phelan Construction

Project: We worked closely with Phelan on a number of copywriting projects, from their new website to posters, marketing brochures, leaflets, internal communications and newsletters.

Client: NIG Insurance

Project: We have supported NIG on a variety of copywriting projects, including for their blog, newsletters and internal communications.

Client: Kidz Global

Project: Kidz Global are based in France and needed an English-speaking business to draft word-perfect e-mails, blogs and event content for their business.

Client: Cranfield Philips

Project: When Phil Toogood was launching his consultancy service, we wrote the copy for his new brochure and proof-read various pieces of collateral for him.

Client: Collier & Catchpole

Project: Our work with Collier & Catchpole involved writing copy for their monthly marketing collateral and press releases, as well as ongoing content for their social media.

Client: Colchester Amphora

Project: When Colchester Amphora decided to launch a comprehensive new website for a new service, Colchester Fibre, they chose us as their copywriting partner.

Client: Boxfood

Project: We managed the full editorial content and direction for BoxFood - including drafting copy for their social media, website, press releases and blogs.

Client: Beardwell Construction

Project: We have drafted copy for Beardwell's tender submissions, website and marketing collateral.

Client: Amplis Construction

Project: Bid writing is a popular service due to our background in construction - and this is something we have worked on closely with Amplis, achieving 100% on one submission. We also worked closely with them on their new website copy.