Business photography is all about making the best possible impression at first sight. Would you do business with someone who turned up to a meeting looking scruffy? Of course not.

We all want to invest in the best, and one of the ways we judge this value is on appearance. If a company cuts corners on quality here, it begs the question whether the rest of their service will be up to scratch. Therefore, slick business photography with high production values is a must.

Business photography in Colchester, Essex

Build your brand with quality bespoke photography

They say pictures speak a thousand words. Science agrees. Visual content is more immediately impactful than the written word – apart from when it comes to SEO – because the human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text, and it’s much better at remembering them.

In fact, research has shown that people retain 10% of the information they have heard within three days, whereas they will remember 65% if there’s a picture involved. So, if photography isn’t a key part of your marketing strategy, then it should be. And, most importantly, it needs to be specific to your business – your products, your people.

That’s not to say there isn’t a place for stock photos, but they should be used with care, and certainly not as images on key assets – when a picture can be found on other companies’ marketing collateral, then it risks undermining that all-important sense of authenticity which customers are looking for. Instead, invest in business photography that is original, personal, and genuine. Prospects and customers want to see your products and they want to see you; people buy from people.

Commercial photography for commercial objectives

Picture this: a more polished, coherent brand identity

Custom photos are versatile assets, and this means that if you carefully plan your shot list, then the ROI of a day’s shoot (or half a day) can be much more than you might at first think. Websites, emails, social media, marketing literature – a consistent visual style across all channels sets your brand apart as the sort of company customers won’t hesitate to buy from (and that’s before you even factor in the lost-sales cost of substandard photography).

We’re experts at ensuring your business photography is an integral part of your marketing strategy. Talk to us today about the creative possibilities for your brand, and how our bespoke photography services can help you build your brand and your business.

  • Product photography
  • Headshots and portraits
  • Events (formal and reportage)
  • Editorial photography
  • Social media photography
  • Advertising photography

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Mercury Theatre Brick signing
Mercury Theatre Brick signing
Mercury Theatre Brick signing
Mercury Theatre Brick Signing

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