Does your marketing copy need proofreading? We’d always say yes, no matter how accomplished a writer you might be. Perfection is important. This is because trust is critical when converting prospects into customers – and one sure-fire way to undermine that trust is to have marketing copy which is noticeably not quite up to scratch. If the writing is sloppy, then the implication is that maybe other aspects of the organisation’s professionalism are lacking, too.

Expert proofreading services in Colchester, Essex

Make sure your marketing copy is word-perfect

If you’re the sort of person who’s au fait with the Oxford comma, and knows whether a word should end in -ize or -ise, then you’ll probably just need a fresh pair of eyes cast over your text to pick up any typos. After all, to err is human…

However, if you’re not confident whether your marketing copy is as persuasive and polished as possible, then you can also ask us for copy-editing help to make it more effective and engaging, as well as ensuring that your grammar is great, your spelling spot-on, and your formatting flawless. With our full-service marketing agency background, we’re well-placed to make suggestions about strengthening the power of your written word, as well as correcting typos and mistakes.