Rise above the competition by taking your video marketing to another level, gaining a different perspective on your business (okay, enough of the aerial puns!). In all seriousness, drone footage is one of the latest devices available in the video marketing toolkit, and one of the reasons it’s so compelling is because it enables people to literally see things from a totally fresh angle. Humans love novelty, and seeing the world from a bird’s eye view certainly ticks that box.

Drone footage in Colchester, Essex

Aerial filming for dramatic, eye-catching marketing videos

The obvious use for drone footage is for a business which is either based across a large area (think campsites, country hotels, wedding venues and tourist attractions), or whose products are meant for use in the great outdoors. Nothing quite hints at the glorious possibilities of a new bike or hiking clothing than lofty, sweeping footage of somebody exploring a dramatic landscape. But there’s more possibilities to drone footage than you might think.

Aerial photography and videography to promote your business

Personal trainers might use drone footage to capture the essence of their outdoor bootcamps, estate agents can create compelling videos of homes on the market, while architects could make incredibly engaging fly-by videos of their most fascinating new buildings. If you have a story to tell that takes place in the open air (or in a very large inside space), then you can tell it with the addition of aerial film, for maximum impact.

Our drone operators are fully qualified and insured, and experienced in creating high-quality footage that will supercharge your video marketing strategy. Do get in touch to start a conversation about how you might use drone footage to best effect in your video marketing strategy.

“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.”

Seth Godin