It’s not always possible to tell your brand story through photographs. As such, it’s always beneficial to have an illustrative style established for your business. Sometimes it can help you illustrate a point where you’d otherwise struggle, and in some cases it can simply work to complement other visual elements of your brand.

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There are many cases in which commercial illustration can prove really successful, from adding extra flair to a brochure or jazzing up your social media feed, creating hoarding designs or communicating through an infographic. Just as every business is unique, so too is their illustration style. From something feminine or whimsical to bold and paired back, there’s a style of illustration for every business – and it’s our job to refine what that is.

Sometimes, illustration helps to show you’ve really gone the extra mile for a project, whether it’s with an awards submission or tender document, or through personalising a greetings card as part of your internal or external communications. Christmas cards are a particularly great opportunity to flex our illustrative muscles, as we can help to bring some seasonal fun to your communication strategy.

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Engage, explain and amuse your audience with custom illustrations

Brand illustrations are another great way to make your business stand out. Telling the story of your company, its culture, and its products or services in a slick, seamless way is a sure-fire way to create those positive brand association vibes you’re looking for.

Illustration can be particularly effective if your business offering is unusual or when tackling concepts that simply wouldn’t be otherwise possible. Maybe your product idea is still at concept stage or you don’t want to do a grand reveal just yet. Or perhaps it would be too dangerous to get photographs, so you need a safer option.

The very best thing about commercial illustration is that it can be styled in such a way that it is totally in keeping with your brand identity – the possibilities are endless, and there’s plenty of scope to create something exclusive and very obviously ‘you’. Our illustrators are able to adapt their style to suit your business identity every time.

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“An illustration is a visual editorial – it’s just as nuanced. Everything that goes into it is a call you make: every colour, every line weight, every angle.”

Charles M. Blow

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