When it comes to competing with all the other mail in your customers’ inboxes, of course the subject line carries a lot of the load initially. But if you want that all-important click-through you’ll need to ensure that your email content is on point. Nailing the messaging is important – figure out what your customers want and need from you, then offer it to them – but for them to take notice and be persuaded to click on a button or link, your email design will need instant impact.

And there’s proof visuals are important, too – a recent report shows that over 20% of marketers have found that email design has improved their email engagement. With the role of email marketing increasing (roughly 80% of marketers reported this trend), then the already-solid ROI for email marketing (research has found it’s 38:1, on average) is looking even better.

Maximise click-throughs with compelling visuals

“Marketing without design is lifeless, and design without marketing is mute.”

Von Glitschka

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