Whether you want to give your sales a shot in the arm with a quick, concentrated push on new business, or want longer-term support that’s scalable, our field-based business development services can help drive business growth and boost profits. Outsourcing in this way not only offers best value (you can benefit from the expertise of a high-level sales professional without having to commit to the sort of full-time salary that one would command), but avoids the admin burden and additional costs of increasing the size of your sales team.

Aphra Lead Generation

“We tasked Aphra with generating high-quality, relevant leads for our fledgeling construction business. Within the first four months, they had not only sourced several such leads but also wrote the tender submissions and secured a project worth £680k, scoring an exceptional 100% on the quality submission. Needless to say, we will continue working with them for the foreseeable future.”

Neil Coy, Managing Director, Amplis View all testimonials

Lead generation for business development in Colchester, Essex

Boost your sales function with outsourced field sales representation

After working with you to research, analyse and strategise, we continue the process seamlessly, contacting your target customers and meeting with them to carry out an introduction and initial fact-finding mission.

Where opportunities are identified, we continue to grow relationships, building a detailed knowledge of prospects’ needs and pain points in order to position you in the best place to secure their business. All lead data is reported, whether via your existing CRM or our own CRM system, so that there can be a seamless handover with your in-house sales team, to close the sale and take the relationship forward.

Working with shorter-term objectives means we can help generate an uplift in revenue. With a longer-term remit we’re able to build up a pipeline of work, giving you forward visibility and a basis from which to selectively, and strategically, target your preferred types of customer and projects.

  • Prospective customer targeting
  • Prospect qualification
  • Relationship building
  • Strategic positioning
  • Lead data reporting
  • Seamless sales team handover
  • Sales pipeline generation
  • Revenue increase

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