Pay-per-click advertising (PPC), which includes paid search and display ad options, plus social media advertising, can give your web traffic – as well as your enquiry and sales levels – an instant boost.

However, it has to be done well, or you’ll find a wonderful uplift in visitors to your site, but your bounce rates will soar, and you’ll see no discernible business growth and no worthwhile ROI.

PPC advertising services in Colchester, Essex

Well-targeted, well-designed PPC ads for instant impact

Paid search and display ads, along with targeted social media advertising, can get you better brand reach and exposure almost instantly, even if your budget is small. The scope is huge, too. For example, the Google Display network reaches over 90% of global internet users, while one billion people use Instagram every month (and 63% of those log in every day). Additionally, Facebook’s UK users numbered just over 44.8 million in March 2020.

But of course you have to reach the right people with the right messaging to see business growth from PPC, and that’s where our skill comes in.

It’s not just about the ad design or keyword content and targeting, either – but also how you direct the customer journey on your website once that all-important click has been made.

Get better ROI from your digital marketing spend

Drive relevant, targeted web traffic to your site

Our pay-per-click search, display and social advertising services offer a considered, data-driven approach to PPC ads, so that you can not only optimise your digital advertising strategy to reach more of the demographic you want to reach, but you can also influence the actions you want them to take, too. Let our expert team help you navigate the ever-shifting landscape of PPC, and achieve the best returns from your online marketing budget.

  • Google display
  • Google search
  • Microsoft advertising (Bing)
  • LinkedIn sponsored content
  • LinkedIn ads
  • Facebook advertising
  • Facebook boosted posts
  • Instagram stories
  • Instagram photo and video ads
  • Twitter video and photo advertising
  • YouTube video ads
  • Pinterest promoted pins
  • Pinterest promoted videos
  • Tik Tok advertisements
  • SnapChat image or video ads
  • SnapChat filters and lenses

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