Great product? Tick. Great customer service? Tick. Great team? Tick.

Then you need to start shouting about it! Our strategic public relations offering will help you tell the world about your business effectively, leveraging the power of third-party endorsement to enhance your company’s reputation and raise its profile with your target customer.

Results-driven PR agency in Colchester, Essex

Boost your public relations campaigns for better business growth

Public relations is a great way to build awareness, trust and credibility for your brand. It’s affordable, too, as the PR coverage itself (compared with paid-for advertising) is free. Once you get that coverage, it’s very likely you will get new enquiries as a result – this means the ROI on PR campaign expenditure can be impressive.

Why is public relations activity so effective in driving new customers to your business?

PR success all centres around the fact that the conduit to your customer is a trusted third party – with an ad, you get to tell people how great you are. However, with PR, you get the benefit of somebody else singing your praises – and that’s valuable. In fact, it’s so valuable that some industry experts estimate PR coverage to be between 10x and 100x more effective than paid advertising.

We’re ideally placed to achieve the sort of results you want to see from your PR campaigns because we know what works and what doesn’t – which is critical to success. Journalists receive literally hundreds of pitches every week – and only the best make the cut. We can identify a newsworthy angle at 20 paces, and are adept at creating PR opportunities by offering educational, inspiring or simply useful content to the right media contacts.

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  • Brand identity and awareness
  • Reputation management
  • Media relations
  • Press list building
  • Press releases
  • ‘Expert article’ placement
  • Media training
  • Crisis communications
  • Corporate publications
  • Event management

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