SEO – or search optimisation – is the art (and science) of improving and updating your website through specialist techniques so that your web pages appear high up in the search results for Google and other search engines, for higher web traffic and more sales or enquiries.

Why is search engine optimisation (SEO) important?

Well, when you consider that the first five organic search results (on the first page) account for almost 68% of all clicks, then it’s clear to see that achieving a high organic search ranking is key to driving web traffic (and quality web traffic, at that, which is most definitely preferable).

Search engine optimisation services in Colchester, Essex

SEO is one of your best tools for digital marketing success

With such impressive results achievable, organic search success is understandably a key consideration in any digital marketing strategy. A recent Hubspot ‘state of marketing’ report gathered together key statistics which make a strong case for investing in the best SEO services.

About 55% of marketers consider SEO to be ‘very important’ or ‘extremely important’, and 50% consider SEO tactics to be ‘very effective’ in helping them achieve their marketing objectives. That’s fairly unequivocal.

Technical enhancements, such as improving load speed for both desktop and mobile versions, are an important part of search engine optimisation, as is site structure. However, after that initial technical work has been done (and backlinks obtained), SEO is all about words.

Localisation has become even more important in recent years, but it’s content marketing that has provided the ideal vehicle for a wide variety of strategic keywords – with search engine algorithms becoming more sophisticated, high-quality content optimised for the right keywords is a definitive win-win.

Organic SEO success for better quality web traffic

Written for people, optimised for search engines

The best SEO services not only optimise your website for search engines, but also design the content for the human-beings who will be looking at those pages. There’s no point in driving lots of traffic to your site, if it’s not then converted!

This is our standard approach, and it’s made possible by the balance of skills within our team – we have the web development specialists who can sort out the technical aspects, and the content marketing experts who can generate engaging, informative, reader-friendly web pages, blogs and news stories that tick all the right SEO boxes.

  • Website architecture
  • Loading speeds
  • Mobile-friendly web pages
  • Backlinks
  • Localisation
  • Keyword strategies
  • Search engine optimised web content

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