Marketing techniques to utilise during lockdown…

As the country approaches its second national lockdown in the space of one year (yes, we really are still in 2020!), businesses up and down the UK brace themselves for the next wave – (or should it be tsunami?) – of change and impact. 

Many have learnt key lessons from the first lockdown; there is undoubtedly a sense of resilience and strength in the businesses still operating, albeit with many exhausted business directors who haven’t taken anywhere close to enough holiday this year! 

For a lot of businesses, staff still haven’t return fully to their offices, meaning this new lockdown isn’t as dramatic an overhaul of normal everyday work as before. Their teams are already established in home-working, and for many, it’s actually the way their future business is headed. This means in many cases, it’s more about adapting to the ‘new normal’, rather than fire-fighting the unknown as before.

That being said, marketing in lockdown is very different to any other time in business. As such, it is important to consider some specific marketing techniques to use.

1. Digital communication is paramount

Perhaps it goes without saying, but your digital marketing is going to be of essential importance in keeping your customers engaged and educated through lockdown. 

Whatever your plan of attack is, make sure your customers are constantly kept in the loop through your social media accounts and e-mail marketing. It’s also a great time to explore boosting your website traffic with paid advertising campaigns, capitalising on people’s increased web presence (what else can they do during lockdown?) with Google PPC adverts.

2. Keep your content and tone of voice sensitive

Now more than ever, it’s critical to ensure you’re listening to the mood of your audience and responding appropriately. If your audience is one struggling to retain their jobs, it’s not the time to start talking about how wonderful a time of year it is (even if the new Coca Cola advert is on the horizon!). 

If your customers are frantically juggling a hundred things, it’s probably best to avoid suggesting they have lots of time on their hands. In fact, you need to consider how you can make your content more quick and easy to digest. The best thing to do during this time is to utilise social listening techniques to ensure your content and tone of voice is responsive to this.

3. Consider providing interactive virtual events

There are some great platforms available for providing interactive virtual events, from the humble Zoom to the more complicated webinar systems available. There is a whole host to choose from – some free and some at a monthly cost. These can be great for educating your audience on your business at a time when you can’t meet face to face, or for launching new products or services that would previously have benefitted from a physical launch event.

We personally really like using for the fact it’s easy to use, free to set up a webinar, quick to brand and you can run lots of interactive and engaging webinars without needing to employ a skilled team of marketers to make it happen. The most important thing to consider is how you can make your webinar content as engaging and valuable as possible so people don’t regret parting with their time in order to participate.

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