Branding: first impressions count...

A successful business will be underpinned by memorable branding. It takes 10 seconds for someone to form a first impression of your logo, and on average five to seven brand impressions before someone is able to remember your brand.

The stronger your branding, the less time this will take – plus the higher your chance of being referred through word-of-mouth too. If your branding is weak, you may be forgotten as quickly as you were seen. Investing in your branding can be one of your greatest decisions.

When you present your brand consistently and cohesively, customers will buy into your presented identity and start to care about what you do. This inspires loyalty and therefore, repeat custom!

Reflecting your core values

When looking at the branding of your business, you need to consider all elements; from logo design to social media icons, website design to brochures and leaflets, business cards to stationery, packaging designs to shipping labels, it all counts. Just think how quickly you judge the businesses, services and people around you.

The ones you care most about will be the ones who have gone the extra mile with all areas of their business. It shows a professionalism, dedication to quality, and an ability to meet the highest standards. This reflects well on what you do and helps people buy into your concept. It also creates an identity that people can align with.

Your brand should be a reflection of who you are; when created in isolation as an idealised and perfected image, your branding will lack texture, character and personality. It won’t inspire trust in the same way as something that feels personal and relatable. Finding your tone of voice and general character all play into this. Think of Innocent – a fun and playful brand. Or Virgin, with their tongue-in-cheek puns. Then there’s Riverford Organic Veg, with their creative and natural illustrative style. Or Daylesford, who are clean, minimalist and sophisticated. There’s a lot to be said for what you stand for and how you represent yourself.

Why branding matters...

Believe it or not, there’s actually a bit of science behind branding. It all taps into the psychology of your consumer. Think about when you’re looking at a sea of products on shelves – what stands out to you? How does a new brand catch your eye? What inspires you to change your purchasing habits from someone you trust to a different company? Or with a website – what branding makes you trust a site will deliver?

Quite often, it’ll be based simply on how it looks. After all, you won’t have tried the product or service at this point. In the same way that we judge new people within seconds of meeting them, the same can be said for branding. How you look matters. It says a lot. Your branding can be your cheapest advertising; it can also inspire word-of-mouth referrals, which are the greatest form of marketing.

72% of marketers report finding branded content more effective than advertising in a magazine, according to Business2Community. We guarantee you’ll spend a lot less in the long run on your branding than on your advertising, so it pays to get this right before trying to pursue any expensive marketing methods.

It’s vital to your future success. 77% of marketers are aligned with our belief that branding is critical to future growth. Business prosperity doesn’t occur by chance; it is the careful ‘coming together’ of many smaller elements in a strategic way that will see your business grow and audience expand. This starts with how you present your visual aesthetic.

Colour: a cornerstone to strong branding

When it comes to developing your brand, we like to sit down with you first and find out who you are. We get to know your product or service and look to establish the core messages and values you want to communicate. There are many elements to consider, including colours, patterns, images and key phrases.

Did you know that, according to the University of Loyola, colour can increase brand recognition by up to 80%? In fact, one-third of the top 100 brands use the colour blue in their logo, according to Zuza. There’s a whole psychology behind the way colour is used in business; for example, blue is used to convey a sense of security and trust. Particularly key if your business operates solely online.

We look at your branding holistically. You shouldn’t create your brand, or your business, in isolation to the context that you’ll be working in. We thoroughly research your competitors and how they have positioned themselves, seeking ways of developing a clear USP for your service that will make you stand out.

Don't run before you walk...

You’d be surprised how many people launch their business without giving proper due consideration to their branding. Don’t rush! It’s a marathon, not a sprint. If you try to start marketing your business or selling your product before you’ve nailed your branding, you’ll only end up wasting valuable money.

We’ve seen it happen with far too many brands, and it’s always a massive shame. The solution is often so simple and easy to implement. Quality, cohesiveness and consistency… plus huge lashings of talented design can all help you on your way. You don’t have to pay a fortune, and you will reap the rewards.

Our talented team of designers can turn your vision into reality. Whether you’re a start-up beginning from scratch or an established business looking for a branding refresh, we can help. It’s never too late to retrospectively look at how you present your business and tweak it, improve it, or modernise it for a changing audience.

The key is to make a start… so get in touch with us today to start your branding workshop, and learn what it takes to turn your business from just ‘so-so’ into ‘seriously great’.


The average revenue increase attributed to always presenting your brand consistently.

Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.

Jeff Bezos,


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