Meet the team

Grace Carter

Founder and Strategic Marketing Director

After amassing a wealth of skills as a freelance copywriter and marketing consultant, Grace launched We Are Aphra in January 2018. Utilising her BA Hons English degree (First Class) and MA English degree (Distinction), plus her experience of working with businesses in a wide array of industries, Grace has rapidly built an exciting, dynamic and creative company.

She is now a highly sought-after marketing expert and business advisor within Essex and London, who has worked with companies from start-ups to SMEs to those with multi-million-pound turnovers and FTSE 100 statuses.

Grace is renowned for her high-quality writing and editing, her perfectionist and passionate approach to her work, and for the fantastic relationships she has built with her clients over the years. Strategic and results-driven, her focus is always upon building a solid return-on-investment for businesses in a measurable, unique way.

Matt Jolly

Sales Director

Matt is a talented sales director who has over 15 years’ experience building relationships, identifying opportunities, generating leads, securing contracts, and managing the post-sales process to advantage his clients.

He has worked in a wide array of industries and utilises this multi-faceted experience to tailor his strategy and approach in a succinct, strategic and measurable way.

For Phelan Construction, he personally secured £65 million worth of business within 3 years. He was also part of the senior leadership team that took the business from a turnover of £19 million in 2014 to £77 million in 2018. He helped to increase the conversion rate from one in five to one in three.

Matt Lane

Commercial Director

Matt helps to lead We Are Aphra through the commercial landscape, ensuring our marketing agency maintains a consistent trajectory of growth and continues to provide an excellent service to clients that continually exceeds expectations.

With extensive experience in customer service, sales management and business development, Matt is a fantastic source of inspiration and direction for We Are Aphra. He has worked as a business director at both multi-million pound businesses and entrepreneurial start-ups. He uses this insight to support our company, as well as our clients in their growth and evolution.

Matt is astute to changes in the corporate climate that could affect our clients, ensuring we respond proactively to this. He also has a keen eye for budgets and spreadsheets, enabling us to continually provide solid return on investment for the businesses we work with.

Tommy Steward

Senior Graphic Designer & Visual Strategist

Tommy has worked with a range of leading brands as a hugely accomplished graphic designer and illustrator.

From logo development to film graphics, website design to marketing collateral, Tommy can adapt his style to the needs of a business while also giving them a unique and compelling twist.

Tommy is particularly skilled at unlocking a brand’s visual potential, identifying weaknesses in their visual communication and developing strategies to offer them a stronger, more cohesive identity.

Joe Dougherty

Web Developer

Joe has been creating websites and interactive content for over seven years now, with a focus on developing user-friendly sites that perform excellently for clients.

His particular love is for projects with well-thought-out designs using high-quality images as they are always satisfying to see as a final product. A love of video games, movies and comics – and the high level of detail that goes into their design – is one of his main inspirations for working in the creative industries, and his logical methods of thinking made him a natural fit for website development.

Chelsea Robinson

Marketing Associate & Photographer

Chelsea has worked with We Are Aphra since August 2018 and has grown in skills and strengths throughout this time.

She works closely with many of our clients offering social media management, content production, animated and filmed videos, photography  and creative, well-researched strategies for growing their brand.

Helping to coordinate the team’s efforts, Chelsea remains the “glue” that holds We Are Aphra together, ensuring everyone is working to schedule and maintaining consistent high standards.

Zoe Jolly

Financial Controller

Having previously worked as a management accountant, Zoe brings a wealth of experience to Aphra. Her name is likely to be the one you’ll see at the end of the month when invoices are due.

Always on hand to help clients with any issues they may have, Zoe helps to support the team in their day-to-day activities to ensure the business continues to operate smoothly.

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