Beardwell Construction

Building a fresh brand for a construction business with work spanning over 3 decades

Branding • Website Development • Business Development • Lead Generation

Beardwell Construction are a leading regional contractor delivering excellent refurbishment and construction projects for clients and communities. They have over 30 years of experience providing quality work for their clients. Over the past three decades, they have built a successful business and are moving in an exciting direction; however, their branding and website didn’t align with this modern approach. As such, we worked closely with the team at Beardwell to refresh their marketing assets, as well as provide them with business development and lead generation consultancy to help take their business to the next level.

A subtle but necessary logo evolution

The team at Beardwell didn’t want a huge evolution for their logo. However, their existing logo had become dated and needed a refresh. We worked with them to show how in stages how their logo could evolve and morph into the proposed logo. They were nervous about this change, so we collaborated closely with stakeholders to ease this transition and show the explanation behind each part of the logo change. The result was really subtle but helped to elevate the brand proposition.

With the logo marque, it has always been intended to look like a building block, which is representative of construction – the industry they’re in. The final logo remains reflective of the previous logo, still showing the abstract shape of a building. The polygon shape is representative of a multi-faceted company with a wide range of services. We changed the colour tones to freshen them up and removed the shadow from the logo marque, which was dating the design. We also modernised the fonts to create greater confidence and clarity.

Designing a new website

Once we had refined the brand identity and created a new set of brand guidelines – something the business had always wished for, but never had – we then turned our attention to their website. It was very chaotic originally and hard to understand their messaging, and the imagery being shown didn’t do justice to the quality of their projects. We worked closely with Beardwell to refine their website proposition and design a quality site that they could be proud of. We then built this in-house using WordPress and custom code to create a fantastic website with stand-out illustrations, imagery and animations.

Business development

Matt has worked closely with Beardwell throughout 2020 to establish a clear sales strategy and target new business opportunities for them. His work has involved creating a strong pipeline of contacts and tenders, which he has worked closely with the Beardwell team on aligning with their wider strategy. He has already brought a number of leads to the table, which have been built on his strong relationships and networking abilities.

Beardwell Website Screenshot

Thank you for all your hard work. The website looks great and works very well on the mobile phone as well. Many thanks again for all your help.

Duncan Clark, Managing Director, Beardwell Construction View all testimonials