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Grace’s work with Calgary began after she’d worked at British Vogue, where Calgary had spent over 20 years working. At this time, she was a contributing editor who had begun to make a name for herself in the health and wellbeing space. She was keen to build this fledgeling public interest into a full-scale entrepreneurial business, and it was at this time that Grace began working with Calgary. What was intended as a short-term project quickly turned into four years of working together and covered a myriad of projects and exciting opportunities.

These include, but span far beyond, the following:

  • Designed and built 2 websites for
  • Produced a published book, ‘Keep it Real’
  • Organised a launch event for ‘Keep it Real’ at Liberty’s in London
  • Organised and ran talks at Goldman Sachs, Facebook, TED Talks, Selfridges, and many other key locations
  • Managed press activity and interviews with all leading UK publications
  • Worked on the strategic development of merchandise and collateral
  • Helped to manage social media accounts and produce content as required
  • Research and development opportunities
  • Supporting Calgary in negotiating advertising opportunities
  • Liaising with brands to manage product testing and competitions
  • Worked behind-the-scenes on various photography and videography shoots for digital, TV and advertisers (including Adidas, Channel 4 and Waitrose)
  • Supported Calgary at all event appearances
  • Managed the website content and all editorial schedules, both for the website and outside press
  • Producing and testing recipes to upload to her website and include in her book

From 13,000 to 42,000 followers on Instagram

At the height of our work together, Calgary was amassing hundreds of followers each week. Her social media followings rapidly grow – and in particular, her Instagram account became a key audience. Although Calgary largely produced all of her own content for Instagram, we worked on strategically developing content that could complement this – including a day-by-day Christmas advent calendar with fantastic prizes to be won by her audience. We also worked on the design of unique posts around the launch of Keep it Real.

Calgary was a keen activist against sugar, and we did a lot of work in our time together to promote her ethos of living a healthier life. This included giving a TED X talk in London about the perils of sugar, producing a campaign of images showing how much sugar was in various food items, and writing extensively about this in the press.

Grace is the most detail-oriented person I have ever met.

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