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Leads tripled within three months for Essex-based sewer contractors

Web Development • SEO • PPC • Copywriting

When we began working with Premier Drainage Solutions, we had a lot of ‘fixing’ to do after a rogue agency had led them down an expensive, error-ridden path. From the site build to the SEO strategies, it was a case of un-picking and dismantling everything that was wrong and re-building it in order to quickly achieve the results they needed as a newly established, growing business.

In the first 3 months from site takeover, we:

  • Increased traffic by 134.66%
  • Increased new users by 141.75%
  • Increased the number of sessions by 111.64%
  • Increased page views by 30.09%

We reduced the cost per click from £2.32 in March 2020 to £1.16 in June 2020, meaning we could deliver significantly more clicks whilst spending a similar amount.

The Website

It’s not uncommon for us to look under the hood of a website built by another agency and find it riddled with problems. Although frustrating for the customer to learn that they have been deceived by an ‘expert’, it gives us an opportunity to thoroughly test our skills and challenge our knowledge on how to unpick this mess and reorganise it in a way that makes sense. From replacing broken links to getting rid of ‘black-hat techniques’, we worked our way through all the possible solutions to get to a place where their traffic had tripled.

Although the results were going in the direction we wanted and their SEO was all showing a positive trajectory, we still felt as though the website was causing huge complications. The client believed they had paid for a coded site, but what we were actually faced with was a very messy drag-and-drop plugin system that was temperamental at the best of times but also not picking up on text, keywords, paragraphs and headers as it should.

It seemed a waste of our client’s budget to spend more time trying to apply technical solutions to the site as there was only so far we could go, so our next suggestion was to reallocate some of the budget for a period of time towards redesigning and rebuilding a proper site that would achieve all the technical requirements, as well as speak directly to the user experience to increase leads and conversions gained through our PPC and SEO work. As such, this is the route we took the business down with a completely new website.


At the commencement of our SEO & PPC work, we conducted a full technical audit to identify the key issues. We also performed our keyword research and analysis to identify what we should be targeting and where we’d have the best success. It was important to also understand the context in which we were operating and how the competition is behaving. In a niche market, this is particularly important in order to get an advantage.

Once we had this information to hand, we were able to set up strategic pay-per-click ads using Google AdWords and begin our custom SEO programme, which involves performing a series of considered tasks over a period of time to achieve the desired results. We can tailor the speed of this programme depending on budget; however, we always advise to not make too many changes all at once, otherwise, it becomes difficult to measure the exact success of an SEO campaign and what changes have had the best results and should be developed.

We were thrilled with the immediate results we started to see – we had month-on-month growth from the very start, with a surge of traffic, new users, new sessions and more page views. Our client achieved an unseasonable number of enquiries in January 2019 – typically a quieter month for the industry – which were triple what had been attained in the month before we began our work with them. Not only were there more strong enquiries, but the services they were asking for were specifically higher margin work and therefore, more profitable opportunities for Premier Drainage too.

After getting some valuable data through our PPC campaigns on their target audience, we were able to refine our approach for SEO and PPC. We had a list of keywords that we knew people were using to find Premier Drainage Solutions, and were able to incorporate these into the blog posts that we wrote every month.

Pleased to announce that our freshly built website site is up and running thanks to all the hard work put in by Aphra

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