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Shining a spotlight on women in academia

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We were very excited to hear from Anatu when she first approached us with her new business idea for The Academic Woman. Our founder Grace is hugely passionate about women’s rights and promoting equality for women; as such, this project enabled us to truly put our heart and soul into everything it stood for. It was also particularly suited to us as two of our team have worked as journalists and in a great position to advise on developing a magazine from scratch.

The Academic Woman Logo

Although the concept for The Academic Woman was fully developed when Anatu approached us, she still needed all the fundamentals of a strong, credible brand – so we set to work creating a unique, carefully considered logo and brand identity. This included putting together her brand colours and font families, as well as the various illustrations and assets she would need. The logo is made up of numerous components that all tell the story of The Academic Woman and the values that underpin both the brand and the target audience.

Once we had created Anatu’s logo, the next thing we needed to develop was her website. This needed to be an online hub for engaging content for women in academia, as well as a marketing tool for her quarterly magazine subscription and community of women. Part of the core requirement was that the website could process orders, so we built it as an e-commerce site with the functionality for users to create accounts. This would allow repeat orders to be processed more easily, as well as creating a secure space for orders to be managed. We also worked with Anatu to develop ideas for additional products and community events that could be added into her inventory to build the brand further.

With the website ready, we then needed to create the concept and design for the printed version of The Academic Woman –  a magazine that would come out quarterly for readers to buy via the website. The design for the magazine was largely focussed around the content and showcasing the stories of each amazing woman in the best possible light.

It has been very exciting seeing The Academic Woman launch and we look forward to being part of this journey.

Grace and the team have been great so far. Thank you!

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