The Intelligent Health

Intelligent marketing for a growing supplement brand

Graphic Design • Social Media • Influencer Marketing • Email Design

We have been thrilled to work with The Intelligent Health since the early days of We Are Aphra, when we met with the founders over lunch to learn more about their exciting new business. Since that first meeting, the brand has grown significantly to encompass a wide variety of health and supplement products – from teeth whitening to inulin powder, keto capsules to MCT oil. Throughout this time, we have worked with The Intelligent Health on the launch, marketing and promotion of their products to capture the attention of a savvy, switched-on audience.

The Intelligent Health is backed up by medical research and science. As such, our work has involved ensuring the brand is seen as credible and trustworthy among a heavily populated supplement industry. It has been important that we identify their USPs and show their target audience how the products can help with their specific problems.

From running competitions to sending out hampers to influencers, filming recipe videos to photographing products, copywriting for packaging to designing posters for marketing, developing the website to ensuring the social media feeds are constantly updated, we have utilised all of our combined skills to offer a full package to The Intelligent Health.

Always ahead of the crowd, we have worked hard to keep the brand abreast of new trends, such as setting them up on Tik Tok and running tutorial videos about the products through this viral platform. We have also utilised new developments in paid marketing to help ensure The Intelligent Health gains as much visibility as possible.

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