The Lion Brasserie

Delicious food photography for the opening of The Lion Brasserie


The Lion Brasserie in East Bergholt, formerly known as The Red Lion, had been closed for just over two years. Under new ownership, the pub opened its doors for the first time in early September after a complete refurbishment. The 1770s pub has been stripped back to its original roots. The new owner, Jonathan Peachey, has lived next door to the pub for more than 14 years and has now transformed the stylish destination with new bathrooms, kitchen and rooms upstairs, which will be ready for people to stay in by the end of the year. Jonathan’s vision is simple and elegant, which has been executed beautifully throughout The Lion Brasserie and extends to the high-quality menu, designed by head chef James Barber.

We were delighted to photograph this building and their tasty new dishes, having so much to offer throughout. From solid oak bathrooms to a perfectly kept garden, as well as a menu that will have people driving from all over Essex to try it. To begin this project, we created a shot list, ensuring we had all of our ideas written down in one place. This also included what lenses we would use and various other equipment required. Once we had this in place, we created a moodboard. This is essential to our photography process and helps us communicate to the client what we think will work best for the shoot. With all of our visual ideas in one place, we can then refer back to this whilst at the location.

Commercial photography in Essex

Commercial photography can truly help to sell a business. It’s important to capture all the key areas to ensure a beautiful and comprehensive narrative is being told throughout the imagery. For The Lion Brasserie, the key areas we focused on photographing were the exterior of the building, the interior and the food being made and presented, as well as the chefs busy in the kitchen.

Hundreds of images were taken, and every angle was considered to ensure we had the right shot for each key point. We edited our selection down to 241 images, which were then all edited and supplied to The Lion Brasserie for them to use however they wished – whether this was on their social media, website or marketing collateral.

Beautiful imagery sells

It’s so important to have good imagery as it really helps promote and sell your business. We are visual beings after all. Are you in need of commercial photography?

We have experience in photographing pretty much everything from construction sites to delicious tasting food! Aphra is a full-service sales and marketing consultancy with a team of expert brand specialists on hand to help with all your graphic design and brand development requirements. Get in touch with us today: [email protected]

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