Post-sales account management is commonly handled by the sales function of a business, but although the broad goals are the same (building relationships and maximising profits), there are distinct differences. The account manager’s remit is to ensure continued customer satisfaction and an ongoing, mutually beneficial relationship, retaining that client and identifying opportunities for up- and cross-selling. As such, account management is an essential part of successful and sustainable business growth – which is why our sales consultancy clients often ask us for our expert input on this key element of business development.

Account management services in Colchester, Essex

Invest in long-term business relationships for successful, sustainable growth

It costs less (and is more time-efficient) to retain a customer than to find a new one, so an accomplished account management function is critical to profitability, as well as to any strategic plan for sustainable growth. Investing in outsourced account management expertise can certainly be a savvy financial decision – whether you’re looking to implement a better approach to ongoing customer service, improve opportunities for increasing your customers’ spend (and, simultaneously, their satisfaction), or even troubleshoot a drop in customer retention rates.

Our experienced team will quickly and expertly get to the crux of your account management challenges, to enable better ongoing relationships with your customers, and optimal revenue generation. This is a win-win situation, as customer pain points can be identified and solved, while their additional needs (which translate into opportunities for growth) can be ascertained and addressed, to mutual benefit.

  • Relationship building
  • Intelligence gathering
  • Customer service troubleshooting
  • Growth opportunity identification
  • Revenue maximisation
  • Customer retention

“Don’t celebrate closing a sale, celebrate opening a relationship.” – Patricia Fripp